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The New Zealand Curriculum.

This site has been developed to support The New Zealand Curriculum

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Broadcasting Standards Authority New Zealand
The Broadcasting Standards Authority provides an opportunity for New Zealanders to be involved with broadcasting standards. It aims to have fair broadcasting for all New Zealanders and support fairness and freedom in broadcasting through impartial complaints determination, effective research, and informing stakeholders. This website provides links to New Zealand broadcasters and related national and international organisations. 

Māori Television
This is the website of Māori Television with information about the channel. It has programmes in both te reo Māori and English showcasing Māori history and culture. Viewers can see people, events, and ideas that reflect Māoridom. The channel has daily news, sports, current affairs, music, lifestyle, drama, entertainment, classics, and movies.

Radio New Zealand
The website of Radio New Zealand has information about programmes on National Radio, Radio NZ International, parliamentary broadcasts, and Concert FM. It provides live audio streams, daily and weekly audio on demand, news and media releases, podcasts, and links to Replay Radio and Sound Archives.

Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand
The Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand (DEGNZ) creates a forum where directors can define, defend, and further their professional industry. It is the guild's role to help screen directors work more effectively in the New Zealand film and television industry.

South Pacific Pictures
This is the website of South Pacific Pictures Limited who have produced film and television drama in New Zealand for the last 13 years. They are well known for the production of "Shortland Street" and "Being Eve". Site information includes awards won, employment opportunities, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), a site map, guidelines for submitting story lines, a corporate profile, and studio specifications.

SPADA - Screen Production and Development Association Waka Papaho
The purpose of this website for the Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA) is to be a rich source of news about the screen production industry in New Zealand.

Television New Zealand (TVNZ)
This is the website of Television New Zealand. Provides the latest news, and programme information for TV One, TV2, and weather forecasts.

TV 3
This is the website of New Zealand's television channel TV3. It contains a programme viewing guide, overviews of currently running shows, star profiles, and frequently asked questions. Includes a section for children.