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The New Zealand Curriculum.

This site has been developed to support The New Zealand Curriculum

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Journalism organisations

CJR - Columbia Journalism Review
Columbia Journalism Review has reviews of media coverage of world events, and also provides links to web resources for journalism students.

New Zealand Journalism Online
This is the official website of the Journalism Education Association of New Zealand (JEANZ). It provides conference papers, refereed articles, archived articles, and links to related journals.

New Zealand Journalists Training Organisation (NZJTO)
This training organisation sets the standards and monitors training in New Zealand's 10 journalism schools. The NZJTO publishes journalism textbooks and stage training seminars for news professionals in radio, television, newspapers, magazines, new media, and news photography.

Online Journalism Review
A web-based journal produced at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. It covers a range of issues related to journalism across all media, but has a particular emphasis on the Internet. Provides readers with commentary, monthly features, and web resource databases.

Poynteronline - Everything you Need to be a Journalist
The Poynter Institute is a school for journalists, future journalists, and teachers of journalists. This website provides information about available courses and seminars, publications, and services.