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Representation of New Zealand youth

This resource outlines a process for teaching 90278 (2.3) using current and historical resources that show representations messages and values about New Zealand youth.

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Background (Word)

Background and rationale behind Representations of New Zealand Youth.

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Teaching and delivery (Word)

Unit plan for teaching and delivering Representations of New Zealand Youth.

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Activities 1 - 15 (Word)

Representations of New Zealand Youth: activities 1-15

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Activities 16 - 30 (Word)

Representations of New Zealand Youth: activities 16-30

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Assessment (Word)

Outline of assessment for Representations of New Zealand Youth.

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Representation of youth in the New Zealand Herald (Word)

A page of headlines relating to youth in New Zealand. I had students read aloud, and then discuss how young people are being represented in the mainstream media.

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Drink driving advertisements (Word)

A link to videos on the Land Transport New Zealand website, and information relating to drink driving. Good for discussions about how youth are often represented as irresponsible risk takers.

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Comparing representations of youth in the media (Word)

Activity which looks at negative youth representations in publications such as the NZ Herald and on television news, compared to those representations in Tearaway youth magazine.

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Know your children (Word)

A funny article from the NZ Herald about how to identify different teen groups.

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