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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Media education

Ministry of Education resources

English Online
English Online is a site for primary and secondary English teachers in New Zealand and internationally. ESOL Online and Literacy Online are sister sites. Provides links to material to assist in the teaching of English in the New Zealand curriculum. Includes information about what students need to learn, what and how to teach, the impact of the teaching and learning, and plans for units of work. Also provides useful resources for teachers of media studies.

Other resources

British Film Institute: Education
This section of the British Film Institute site provides listings of activities, resources and services, relevant to teaching and learning about moving image media. Includes distance learning courses and conferences, education news updates, and access to a moving image research registry. This is a searchable database of primarily UK based researchers and their projects that relate to cinema, television, and other moving image media.

Daily Lesson Plan: Media Studies
This page from the New York Times Learning Network website provides links to lesson plans for media studies. Topics include online safety for teenagers, creating magazine layouts, comparing reporting of news stories, documentary filming, planning for a fantasy video game, exploring news broadcasts and journalists, creating appropriate email guidelines, analysing statistics, and more.

English and Media Centre
This website is suitable for NCEA media studies teachers and students. It is a not-for-profit educational publishers and teachers' centre that provides teaching materials and professional development to teachers of English and media in the United Kingdom and across the world.

Media Awareness Network: For Teachers
This is the teachers section of the Media Awareness Network website. It provides practical teaching units and classroom activities, background articles, and Canadian resources for media education. Lessons can be searched for by level, subject, and by geographical area in Canada. Includes interactive modules and educational games accompanied by teacher guides.

This UK organisation is for teachers and students interested in media and moving image education in primary, secondary, further and informal education. Includes information about media education and resources for teaching media studies from ages 5 to adult, such as articles, worksheets, case studies, and reviews.

This website is suitable for media study teachers and students. Metro Magazine is owned by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) and is a national, refereed film and media journal that is published four times per year. Contains articles, reviews, interviews, and analysis of Australian, New Zealand, and Asian cinema, television and new media.

Office of Film and Literature Classification: Schools
This page from the Office of Film and Literature Classification website provides information about censorship for teachers and students. Contains material to help with assignments and lesson plans, information on how schools can follow the law when showing films to students, and how to be a censor for the day.

Teaching Film, Television and Media
This website provides 12 modules on teaching film, television and media. Printable versions are available on each module. Includes links to internet resources, student units, and a glossary of film terms.

Teachit's Online English Resources
The online Teachit library provides classroom materials, schemes of work, lesson plans and teaching tools, all created by teachers. The site specialises in English, drama and media studies from primary to secondary level.

The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth, and Media
This website publishes a collection of articles and papers to inform policy makers, media professionals, teachers, parents, and policy makers about the effects of media on young people, and to increase media literacy among the young. Themes examined include media violence, advertising, media influences, media access and media use, internet and games, and measures and regulations.

TVNZ - Study Guides
These TVNZ study guides are written by local media education experts to help teachers use selected TVNZ programmes and documentaries in the classroom. Each guide, made available free of charge by TVNZ in partnership with New Zealand on Air, is presented in a print-friendly format. Teachers are asked to note that some subject matter may not be appropriate for all students, and suggest that teachers screen programmes before using them in class to determine suitability. VHS copies of missed programmes may be purchased from the producers whose contact details are available on the web page.