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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Tertiary pathways

Aoraki Polytechnic: Certificate in Media Communication/Broadcasting
This hands-on programme focuses on skills for the rapidly changing multimedia landscape. It gives students the opportunity to get out in the community interviewing and gathering stories and to learn to write for print, radio, television, and the web. 

Auckland University of Technology: Communications
Print, broadcast and new media shape and reflect our perceptions and reactions to the world. We make decisions, from purchases to policy, based on the messages we receive. Programmes for careers in communications are outlined.

Auckland University of Technology: Pacific Media Centre
The Pacific Media Centre (Te Amokura) is a research and community resource centre established by AUT University's Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies. It has a specific focus on Māori, Pasifika, and diversity media and community development.

Career Services Rapuara
The website of Career Services Rapuara, a crown entity operating commercially in the New Zealand marketplace and a provider of career advice, planning, and information. The site provides information on services, publications, and products available, and gives details of the freephone service. Enquiries can be made regarding details on occupations, job descriptions, course information, training options, and the labour market.

Bachelor of Broadcasting Communication (Broadcast journalism)
Level: 7 – This is a practical programme which provides students with the skills and theory they need to break news stories and be actively involved with the production of news for radio, television, or online media. 

Manukau Institute of Technology: Bachelor of creative arts (Visual arts) Level 7
In this course students learn to bring creative concepts to life, with a wide range of theory and practical skills. 

Massey University: School of English and media studies
This page from the Massey University website provides information about the English and Media Studies programmes. Offers papers that develop knowledge of literary and media texts, film and cultural theory, as well as writing and communication.

ACG Yoobee's School of design
ACG Yoobee’s courses, ranging from 2 days to 2 years, cover graphic design, film making, animation and 3D graphics, game art and development, and web development.

New Zealand Journalists Training Organisation (NZJTO)
This training organisation sets the standards and monitors training in New Zealand's 10 journalism schools. The NZJTO publishes journalism textbooks and stage training seminars for news professionals in radio, television, newspapers, magazines, new media, and news photography.

South Seas Film and Television School New Zealand
South Seas Film and TV School believes production skills and knowledge are best learned through practical experience. It therefore offers a range of hands on, industry related, training courses. Contains course information, school information, training methods, policies, and contact details.

Southern Institute of Technology: Film and digital media
The Bachelor of Digital Media is a three year full time programme intended for students interested in the exciting arena where creative arts meet digital technology. The programme has a core of subjects, which branches into two major strands - digital film (from script to finished product) and multimedia.

Unitec: Performing and screen arts
This area of the Unitec website provides information about studying for a career in the performing arts, theatre, or the film industry. Includes programmes, professional training courses, and performance details.

University of Auckland: Media, film, and television
This area of the University of Auckland website provides information about studying film, television, and media. Describes the overall study programme, subjects and courses, research, and gives contact details.

University of Canterbury: Media and communication
(Previously Mass Communication) Media and Communication examines the influence and myriad impacts of the media and new information technologies. It is designed to provide students with an understanding of how communication and media work and how they work within the broader context of society and culture. It draws on both the arts and social sciences, and the degree develops a wide range of critical thinking, writing and research skills.

University of Otago: Communication studies
Communication Studies may be defined as the study of the processes and effects of interpersonal and mass communication involving the production, reception, and human processing of aural, verbal, and visual messages in their cultural contexts.

University of Waikato: Screen and media studies
Screen and Media Studies at Waikato University aims to provide students with the skills and understanding necessary for citizens in today's rapidly-evolving media environment. Research interests include: New Zealand in the global media economy, media education and media democracy, media and religion, digital gaming, and audience studies.

Victoria University: Media studies
The Bachelor of Arts [BA] major in Media Studies looks at the central role played in society and culture by media such as newspapers and broadcasting, television, film, and the Internet. Media Studies courses at Victoria analyse the way these media work, what they assume about their audience, and what their audiences assume about them.

Wellington Institute of Technology: Creative technologies
The creative industries are changing; employers are looking for staff who have a wide range of transferable skills, who understand technology and can adapt easily to the changing face of the creative workplace. The Bachelor of Creative Technologies (BCT) combines industry standard practice and real world projects with the latest technology and fundamental theory to ensure graduates have the skills employers need.

Wintec media arts
The School of Media Arts at Waikato Institute of Technology aims to provide innovative, interdisciplinary education that prepares students for careers in the creative industries. Includes study in digital media design, graphic design, journalism, moving image, music production, painting/sculpture, photography, public relations and advertising, and songwriting.