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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Research into teaching and learning

British Film Insitute: Research into Teaching and Learning
This page from the British Film Institute website provides a collection of research findings on teaching and learning around video and film making. Includes a report on school cinema partnerships, primary students' use of edutainment software for telling or making stories, a look at the impact of film making on print literacy in a group of students, and British statistics indicating the number of students taking film and media studies courses at upper secondary levels.

Dr. Stephen D. Brookfield
This website allows access to extracts, slides, and workshop material of Dr. Brookfield's research into the teaching and learning process.

Media Awareness Network: Evaluation and Assessment
This page from the Media Awareness Network website discusses the issue of why assessment is important in media education. Includes links to a general overview, types of assessment, using rubrics to assess media work in the classroom, and assessment terms.

This US website facilitates the teaching and research of film, television, and new media and is designed principally for educators and students. Contains links to research, journals, reviews, blogs, educational resources, college programmes, forums, and services.

Asking Good Questions
A key to engaging students in learning, especially inquiry-based learning, is the use of good questioning skills. This page from the YouthLearn website covers factual, interpretive, and evaluative questions. It provides information about the structure of questions and leading a discussion.