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Teaching and learning

These sites provide information about resources, research into teaching and learning, available courses, and other sites of interest for media teachers and students.


Why teach media studies?

Media studies engages students in actively exploring, understanding, creating, and enjoying the media and media products.

You can help your students build off what they already know and guide them to become sound decision makers in how they use and produce media.

NZ Curriculum: Vision
Media studies aligns with the NZ Curriculum vision for students to become critical and creative thinkers and to be active participants in a range of of life contexts.

Media studies makes connections between the learning areas, vision, principles, values, and key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum.

How media studies helps students

It teaches students:

  • that media messages are a construction of reality 
  • ways to use media languages
  • how to analyse media products' construction
  • that media is entertaining, persuasive and powerful.

It enables students:

  • to put theory into practice in their own media production, 
  • to engage creatively 
  • to transfer media literacy skills across different curricula
  • to become critically literate and transfer their literacy skills to any media text.

It develops skills and knowledge:

  • so students can be more active participants in their society
  • useful in a wide variety of careers
  • that increase personal confidence and practical skills.

Media literacy – This section of the website provides viewpoints on how media literacy is defined and suggestions for further reading.