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Teaching and learning

Teaching and learning is at the heart of media studies.

The following sections list websites with information on achievement standards; internal assessment activities; the teaching of junior media; NAME (the national media subject association) and other subject associations around the world; a comprehensive global list of media education websites and New Zealand tertiary institutions. These sites provide information about resources, research into teaching and learning, available courses and lists other sites of interest to media teachers and students.

Why teach media studies?

Media studies engages students in actively exploring, understanding, creating and enjoying the media and media products.

In learning about the media and its links with society, media studies empowers students to become active citizens who are critical and creative thinkers. Students need to understand the impact of the media and to appreciate its importance so they can become active decision makers in how they use and produce media.

Media studies fosters innovative approaches to teaching and learning, including cooperative learning and reflective practice.

Media studies makes connections between the learning areas, vision, principles, values, and key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum.

How media studies helps students

Media studies helps students in a variety of ways:

It teaches students:

  • that media messages are a construction of reality not reality itself
  • to use media languages to analyse how media products are constructed
  • that the media is enjoyable, entertaining, persuasive and powerful.

It enables students:

  • to put theory into practice in their own media production, engaging them in a creative activity which increases personal confidence and practical skills
  • to transfer media literacy skills across different curricula
  • to see beneath the screen and read between the lines – to become critically literate and transfer their literacy skills to any media text.

It develops skills and knowledge:

  • so students can be more active participants in their society
  • which are useful in a wide variety of careers.

To find out more about what is meant by media literacy, visit Media literacy