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Teaching junior media

Junior school courses help develop critical students who are better able to then succeed in both senior media and in any senior subject which requires a critical approach.

The National curriculum key competencies are inherent in junior media courses.

These include opportunities for group work and the competencies related to working with others, and managing oneself.

Students learn to use media language, symbols, and texts. They also discover how to be reflective and critical thinkers.

Reflections of us – teaching resource

Reflections of us
An example, on this site, of a media studies junior school resource.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision Education Resources
Lesson plans and handouts that can be used in conjunction with ads.

Use the search function to find ads and resources.

Beacon schools

Beacon schools' project resources
An internal link to a cluster dedicated to junior media.

The resource "Up, up and away" is suitable for junior media studies.