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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Lesson 2: Feminine females and manly men

This lesson reinforces terms from lesson 1, such as spotting product and slogan within the ads. Lesson 2 also looking for messages about what are the qualities of a woman and man in 1960s and 1980s and how that has now changed.

First predictions: What do you expect to see in an ad from the 1960s? What would be the qualities a woman and man should have then? Describe how you expect the people to act and look.

Learning intentions

  • Identify messages from the 1960s and 1980s about what it means to be a man or woman.
  • Compare these messages with today’s.

Success criteria

I can:

  • identify and describe the messages and respond to the questions, with the help of my peers
  • identify key aspect of ad, that is, slogan, product and so on.


Watch the Brylcreem® ad twice and answer the following questions:

  • What is the product? 
    • Brylcreem®.
  • What is the slogan? 
    • Makes the most of a man.
  • What does he do? 
    • He is seen as active and in control. He is at work, exercising, grooming and going on a date.
  • What makes him manly? 
    • He is in control of all situations, he is seen in low angle shots giving him power and authority. 
    • He is active and takes part in "masculine" exercise, that is, boxing. He has a sports car and is admired by women.
  • How does he benefit from using the product? 
    • Just like other parts of his life, his hair is in control as well. 
    • He looks good and is groomed and manly.

Questions of the first ad to be discussed with class first then students are given time to complete answers in their book.


Watch the Mum® deodorant ad twice and answer the following questions.

Product endorsement:

  • Efficient, responsible and attractive, feminine.
  • Importance of being fresh and feminine all the time.
  • Rolls out doubt, rolls on charm.
  • Personal freshness.

Questions to be answered in books individually first, then class discussion:

  • What is the product? 
    • Mum® deodorant.
  • What is the slogan? 
    • Rolls out doubt, rolls on charm.
  • According to the ad, what are the qualities a woman should have? 
    • Efficient, responsible and attractive, feminine.
  • What does she look like? 
    • She is well groomed and always smiling. 
    • She is poised and confident. Her clothes are tailored and stylish. 
    • She sits and acts in a formal way.
  • How is she successful? 
    • She displays all the qualities listed, she gets the job that is advertised at the beginning of the ad and is able to perform all the tasks with charm and efficiency.
  • What does she value, what does she think is important? 
    • She wants to be successful in her job and be attractive to the people around her.


Mum® 80s product endorsement:

  • I can get by without my makeup; bra; boyfriend.
  • Can’t get by without her mum.
  • Every girl needs her mum.

Answer the following questions:

  • What is the slogan and product? 
    • Mum® deodorant – Every girl needs her Mum.
  • Where is she? 
    • She is in her bedroom on her bed.
  • What is she wearing? 
    • She is wearing casual clothes – jeans and a singlet top.
  • What does she value? 
    • She values her Mum deodorant and her boyfriend. She is shy and giggles. She doesn’t need her bra or makeup.
  • What has changed about what it means to be a successful woman since the 60s ad? 
    • The ad has moved from the public to the private.
    • She has moved from a woman to a girl, and she is a lot more casual than the woman in the 1960s ad.
    • She no longer values looking poised and being efficient.
    • She is unsure of herself but also does not need to conform into a structured view of what it is to be a successful woman.
    • Mum® has become something she cannot do without, like a secret friend. The only thing she needs is her "Mum" … and her boyfriend.

Finish the sentence: 

  • To be a successful woman you should…
  • To be a successful man you should…
  • All a woman of the 1960s wants is…
  • All a man of the 1960s wants is…
  • All a girl of the 1980s wants is…


  • Find an ad that is selling a beauty product for men or women.
  • Describe how it shows what it is to be a successful man or woman now.
  • What are they doing in the ad?
  • What positive qualities does the product give the man or woman?
  • How is this different from the ads watched in class?