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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Lesson 5: KFC – Unforeseen expectations

This lesson is to start getting students ready for the production of their ad. It is a way for them to start thinking about what camera shots and angles they should use. It is also about how what they expect to see may have changed over the years and how that reflects how our society has changed. Example: 1970s: KFC.

Learning intentions

  • Examine expectations of ads and what images are predicted.
  • Identify what film techniques are used in ads.
  • Examine how messages have changed over time.
  • Work in a group to present an idea for the class.

Success criteria

  • “I can” predict and present an idea of the ad to the class.
  • “I can” work successfully in a group to come up with a shared idea.
  • “I can” discuss how I think ads might have changed over time.


For this lesson students will only hear the KFC ad to start the task. They can be told it is a KFC ad but not shown any visuals.

Students are to work in groups writing down ideas. They are to listen to the ad and predict what sorts of images would be in the ad. They must list what sorts of shots could be used and angles and the sorts of people that are used in the ad and what they will be doing.

Each group is to come up with their idea of what the ad looks like and then present this to the class.

The class is then to vote on which idea they think is closest to the ad.

The class then watches the ad to see which is closest to the real thing and discuss the variations – especially the differences in what were acceptable then that might not be now. That is, overweight kids in the back of the car, not wearing seat belts, eating the product.