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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Brain Food for media teachers

Professional readings and professional development resources.

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Interesting brain food links (Word)

This is a compilation of interesting links that are good food for thought.

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Teacher resource

Media in New Zealand Feb 2010 (Word)

Here is Geoff Lealand's updated document which is a facts-and-figures resource on various facets of the media in New Zealand. Covers TV, radio, film, print industry, advertising etc. Would be useful for student research, especially Level 3 Industry--but also as a general reference.

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Teacher resource

Boys achievement in media (Word)

Here is Jane Hall's research about boys' achievement and engagement in media studies classes at Western Springs College.

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A Success Story: Media Teaching in New Zealand (Word)

A recent paper written by Geoff Lealand - University of Waikato about the healthy state of Media Studies in NZ. This paper could be good ammunition for those of you wanting to start or expand your Media Studies departments.

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Geoff Lealand

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A Success Story..PPT version (PowerPoint)

A shorter version of the resource above

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Geoff Lealand

Teacher resource

A Short History + Television in New Zealand (PowerPoint)

A PPT I use for my second-year Television course, updated for 2008. In respect of Television in New Zealand, it provides more detail than the resource above, especially in respect of funding and regulation. Would be useful for Industries.

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Geoff Lealand