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The New Zealand Curriculum.

This site has been developed to support The New Zealand Curriculum


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Teacher resource

Road Movies Power Point (PowerPoint)

'A few thoughts on The Road Movie'. A fantastic resource for Road Movies. Something great to use in the classroom and for your own information.

994 KB

Geoff Lealand

Teacher resource

A few thoughts on The Road Movie (PowerPoint)

A Power Point presentation prepared for a media studies class at Palmerston North Girls' High. It explores the characteristics of The Road Movie, arguing that they are determined by location as much as by the central theme of movie.

182 KB

Geoff Lealand

Teacher resource

Visions of the Beast: The changing nature of the horror film (PowerPoint)

You may need to update the YouTube links to access trailers for 'The Invasion of the Body Snatchers'.

123 KB

Geoff Lealand