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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Year 12

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Teacher resource

Year 12 Media Studies weekly planning outline 2007 (Word)

Year 12 Media Studies weekly planning outline 2007

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Sandra Chesterman

Teacher resource

Codes and conventions of music videos (PowerPoint)

This Power Point presentation is one we use with Music Videos as an introduction to practical work during Year 12. It outlines different types of music videos - narrative, performance, thematic and symbolic. It can then be used to help analyse music videos, and to plan conventions that they might use in their own videos.

103 KB

Josephine Maplesden

Teacher resource

Narrative conventions in an episode of friends. (Word)

A worksheet that can be used with any episode of "Friends" or could be easily adapted to a different show. Could be used as a relief spell. (I find it so hard to set meaningful relief for media classes).

30 KB

Thomas Johnson

Teacher resource

King Kong- hero or monster? (Word)

A 'model answer' to use with 2.5 narrative conventions. Looks at the characterisation of King Kong.

22 KB

Thomas Johnson