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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Teacher resource

Scholarship fundamentals (Word)

Approaches to teaching Media Studies scholarship

44 KB

Deb Thompson

Teacher resource

Scholarship quotes (Word)

Media Studies scholarship quotes

34 KB

Deb Thompson

Teacher resource

Critical thinking glossary (Word)

A critical thinking glossary for Media Studies scholarship

47 KB

Deb Thompson

Teacher resource

Marking rubric (Word)

Marking rubric for Media Studies scholarship

62 KB

Deb Thompson

Teacher resource

Media futures key words (Word)

Key words for new media technologies and futures

42 KB

Deb Thompson

Teacher resource

Scholarship activities (Word)

Activities for Media Studies scholarship students

43 KB

Deb Thompson

Teacher resource

The Future of Film (PowerPoint)

A Power Point presentation which identifies current trends in film production, distribution and reception, with some comments on similar trends in associated media. It is designed for school students, but I have also used it for Level 3 students amongst whom it has generated considerable discussion.

451 KB

Geoff Lealand

Teacher resource

An approach for looking at close reading for scholarship (Word)

Attached are some ideas from a discussion with a teacher about how to approach the (new) close reading question in the Media Studies scholarship exam for 2008. Although it looks specifically at Peter Jackson, it would also be possible to adapt this to any auteur study, or to take a genre focus.

38 KB

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