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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Close reading

Close reading is a skill that underpins many areas of a media studies course. When close reading a media text, you deconstruct (take apart) the text by analysing the way different elements are used to create meaning.

In order to close read a text it is necessary to understand the particular media language used. For example, when analysing a film extract, film terminology helps you explain how the extract has been constructed and the meaning that has been created.

Related achievement standards

In an NCEA course students will use close reading skills across a range of standards.

Level 2
When specifically studying close reading at NCEA level 2, students will learn the language of a medium and close read examples from different texts. For more information, go to:

Level 3
At NCEA level 3, students also complete different readings or interpretations of a text. For more information, go to: