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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Media representations are the ways in which the media portrays particular groups, communities, experiences, ideas, or topics from a particular ideological or value perspective.

Rather than examining media representations as simply reflecting or mirroring "reality," we examine how media representations serve to "re-present" or to actually create a new reality.

Related achievement standard

In an NCEA course students study the representation of a particular group or culture in the media and messages and/or values shown in media texts.

The wider implications are investigated, such as the consequences for different groups in society of representations, messages and values.

Level 1

Achievement Standard 90991 1.3 – Demonstrate understanding of the media coverage of a current issue or event

Level 2

Achievement Standard 91254 2.7 – Demonstrate understanding of an ethical issue in the media

Level 3

Achievement Standard 91496 3.7 – Demonstrate understanding of a significant development in the media