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The New Zealand Curriculum.

This site has been developed to support The New Zealand Curriculum

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The Broadcasting Standards Authority
Regulates TV and radio broadcasts in New Zealand.

Ensures the standards are followed and handle complaints.

Classifications in New Zealand
Website is designed to provide information for students studying the classification system or who have an interest in censorship.

Useful resources for students
The site provides additional resources.

  • Case studies – based on films, games, books, and music that have interesting or controversial classification stories
  • Censor for a Day – a programme for senior Media Studies students, usually held during the first and second terms
  • History of Censorship – timeline that shows classification milestones from 1858 to the present day
  • Quizzes – where you can teach your knowledge about New Zealand's classification 
  • Research –about aspects of classification in New Zealand; lists some of the research reports available for download
  • Useful links – other organisations that deal with things like film labelling, broadcasting regulation, internet safety and New Zealand laws.