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The New Zealand Curriculum.

This site has been developed to support The New Zealand Curriculum

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Media agencies


Advertising Standards Authority
New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority. The site contains Advertising Codes of Practice, reports and addresses, complaints procedures, and results of complaints hearings.

Copyright, performing rights, and screen rights

Austrailian Performing Right Association and Australian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (APRS AMCOS)
A copyright collecting society, operating in New Zealand and Australia

Copyright Licensing Limited
A collective licensing organisation which provides centralised copyright clearance services for the copying of extracts from books, periodicals, and journals for internal use within New Zealand institutions

 Includes information about copyright, what material can be copied, licensing schemes and limits, and links to related sites

Copyright protection in New Zealand
Information about copyright protection in New Zealand.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Detailed information on the regulations, conditions, and exceptions to copyright laws of New Zealand.

Non-profit membership organisation that provides rights and royalty management services to the screen industry.

Film classification

British Board of Film Classification
Database of film classifications that provides guidance and information that helps families and children to choose what films to watch.

It also contains a student guide to the Board's history, and the classification process.

Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC)
The Government body responsible for classifying publications. Covers a wide range of mediums such as films, videos, music recordings, books, magazines, and computer games

The site contains downloadable information sheets.


New Zealand Press Council
Handles complaints against newspapers and other publications. Also promotes freedom of speech and freedom of the press in New Zealand and maintains the New Zealand press in accordance with the highest professional standards.


Radio New Zealand (RNZ) Mediawatch
Looks critically at the New Zealand media - television, radio, newspapers, and magazines as well as the new electronic media. IN addition, audio clips of programmes are available online.

Other agencies

New Zealand Film Commission
Includes film industry news and funding information, and details of the latest and recent New Zealand feature and short films.

Search the film catalogue to locate information on any New Zealand feature or short film title or film maker.

Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision
Presents a series of feature articles, stories, and video clips that highlight the role that film and moving images play in New Zealand's culture. Includes a Taonga Māori collection - a collection of images with significance to Iwi Māori.

The Film Archive's Education Screening Programme in the Wellington region offers teachers support in key curriculum areas.

NZ On Air
Information about NZ On Air and trends in public broadcasting in New Zealand and overseas. The website gives access to funding application forms and guidelines, information about services, and a range of research documents.

Includes information about, and links to, the Sound Archives and the New Zealand Film Archive as well as specific information for students and researchers, musicians, broadcasters, and producers.