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The New Zealand Curriculum.

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Media ownership

Columbia Journalism Review: Who Owns What?
An online guide to what major media companies own, and a selected list of articles about media ownership.

Merchants of Cool: Media Giants
From the PBS Frontline website; provides information about United States media corporations. Includes links to News Corp, Sony, Viacom, Walt Disney, AOL Time Warner, Vivendi Universal, and Bertelsmann.

2020 JMAD New Zealand Media Ownership Report

This report published by Journalism, Media, and Democracy (JMAD) is part of ongoing series of reports on New Zealand media ownership. It documents and analyse developments within New Zealand media.

You can download a PDF of the full report (1003.2 KB).

Media ownership in New Zealand from 2011 to 2020: A longitudinal data analysis

Published by JMAD and authored by Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Doctoral Candidate Saing Te, this report explores the main shifts in media ownership. In general, the ownership has moved from multinational, corporate ownership to financial and independent media ownership.

You can download a PDF of the full report (576.6 KB).