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The New Zealand Curriculum.

This site has been developed to support The New Zealand Curriculum


New Zealand-based resources

Archives New Zealand: Audiovisual 
Holds audiovisual material from a variety of sources, all of which were created by government departments.

For National Film Unit (NFU) productions, Archives New Zealand holds master materials, negatives, prints, and preservation copies for many titles.

National Film Unit Collection
Archives New Zealand houses the National Film Unit (NFU) Collection.

You can look through the NFU listings and search for specific films from 1941-1989. The selection includes wartime newsreels, tourism promos and Oscar nominees.

NZ On Screen - National Film Unit Collection
Celebrating the 75th anniversary of government filmmakers the National Film Unit, NFU expert Clive Sowry put together this collection of thirty short films from 1941 to 1986.

New Zealand Film Commission - Study guides
Study guides for a number of New Zealand films, from classic to recent titles. The study guides are free to download in PDF format.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
New Zealand's film archive, which includes a Taonga Māori collection.

Education resources
Online resources about New Zealand's film history, difference aspects of film-making, New Zealand films timeline, and writing moving reviews.

The site presents a series of feature articles, stories, and video clips that highlight the role that film and moving images play in New Zealand's culture. Also, has World War One resources that link to NCEA Media Studies.

UK-based resources

The British Film Institute
A guide to Britain's film and television history. Includes a film and television database, searchable by genre, themes, and other categories.

BFI Resources and events for teachers
Teaching and learning materials for film studies. Includes student guides, a glossary of film and television terms, and video clips.

British Film Institute: Screenonline
A guide to Britain's film and television history.

Films and television programmes are sorted by genre, themes, and other categories. There is also a section about people in the British film and television industry.

Education section
Resources for teachers, student guides, and a glossary of film and television terms. Includes video clips.

How to use the Education Zone
Activities and resources built around British Film Institute: Screenonline's existing material.

Film Education - Resources
Resources for primary and secondary.

This UK-based site provided curriculum-focused materials fit for many topics. Available resources include film-specific, and generic study guides that can be searched by level, and title.

Suitable for NCEA media studies

Great film directors, a list of websites
Suitable for NCEA media studies students and teachers. The site provides links to information about New Zealand films, actors, directors, distributors, film festivals, locations, and more.

The Greatest Films
This site is suitable for NCEA media studies students and teachers. It provides a resource for "classic film buffs" and all who are interested in films.

Includes interpretive and detailed plot synopses, review commentary, film reference material, and historical background for hundreds of classic Hollywood/American and other English-language films.

Horror Film History
This site is suitable for NCEA media studies students and teachers and gives a decade by decade guide to the development of the horror film genre.

Describes horror movies and gives examples, provides information about the roots of the genre, and a list of horror movies searchable by title or era.

Partners in Rhyme: Free Sound Effects and Royalty-Free Sound Effects
This site is suitable for NCEA media studies students and teachers. It provides free sound effects, midi files, midi loops, and royalty-free sound effects.

Yale Film Studies – Film analysis guide
Suitable for secondary students studying NCEA level one or two, the site has a glossary of basic film analysis terms and includes photographs and film clips that illustrate the concept behind the definitions.

Other useful sites

iTunes movie trailers
From the Apple website, provides links to a collection of movie trailers that can be played from the site.

The oneminutesJr
A project of The One Minutes Foundation (established 2002). The Foundation provided week-long workshops for underprivileged and marginalised young people aged 12 and older.

The site contains the one-minute videos created in the workshops.

A comprehensive guide to Arts websites. Includes a comprehensive list of websites – Film And Film-Making: A Guide To Cinema Websites.